Teaching and Advising

Teaching Philosophy

One of my favorite parts of doing science has been preparing the next generation of scientists and science-literate citizens, be it through teaching or mentoring. As such, I place great importance on making the material accessible to everyone and preparing them for application outside of a traditional learning setting. My main priorities in these include:

  1. Fostering a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Learning Environment

  2. Incorporating Interactivity through Projects, Exercises, and Feedback

  3. Developing Skills in Real-Life Applications of Course Material

I aim to apply these tenets both in and out of the classroom and actively seek ways to improve in their application.

Teaching Experience

Worcester State University

  • PY 101: Introduction to Astronomy (F22)

  • PY 241: Physics I - Mechanics (F22)

Wellesley College

  • PHYS 106: Fundamentals of Electricity, Magnetism, & Optics with Laboratory (Sp22)

  • PHYS 104: Fundamentals of Mechanics with Laboratory, (F21)

  • PHYS 120: Introduction to Simulation and Modeling, (F21)

Harvard University

  • ASTRON 191: Astrophysics Laboratory, Co-Instructor (Sp21)

University of Virginia

  • Tomorrow’s Professors Today Program, Participant (F15-Sp18)

  • ASTR 3130: Observational Astronomy, Senior TA (Sp14, 15)

  • ASTR 2110: Introduction to Astrophysics I, TA (F14)

  • Head of Audio/Video and Demonstrations (F14)

  • Constellation/Night Sky Laboratory, TA (F14)


I have been lucky enough to work with a number of fantastic students over the years. Some of their work is briefly highlighted below.