Getting Started with Astrochemistry? - Level up your astronomy and related research - Recent papers summarized at undergraduate level written by graduate students - Resources for astrochemists (run by David Woon)

Astrochemistry Discussions - Mostly monthly series of virtual astrochemistry seminars, workshops, tutorials, etc (run by a great SOC and also yours truly)

Who's Who? - A list of astrochemists from across the globe (run by Ujjwal Panda)

Useful References - Open-access repository of papers updated daily - Collation of astronomically-relevant spectral catalogs

Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy - Spectral catalogs and molecules detected in space

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Spectral Database - Another good spectral catalog

NIST Databases - A slew of useful databases, including reaction kinetics, atomic/molecular spectra, chemical properties

KIDA - Chemical kinetic database used for the majority of my chemical models

Just for Fun

The Daily Ant - A fantastic blog about Ants, for which I am the official Celestial Correspond-ant (run by Ben Blanchard)

APOD - NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day

DSBK - Dark Skies, Bright Kids, an outreach group led by UVa graduate students, with a wealth of activities and lesson plans

Julia - The new hotness of languages. Easy as Python. Fast as Fortran.

Fe[26] - The addicting 2048, but teaching you the details of nuclear fusion in stars

Educational Youtube Recommendations: