Education & Public Outreach

Understanding and appreciating science plays an essential role in today's society. It is crucial that people trust the scientific process and have to tools to critically analyze the vast amount of information presented to them from a variety of sources. More than ever, I find it is extremely important to reach out beyond the classroom to engage with the public as professional scientists and educators. Over the years, I have worked to assist with EPO for a wide range of demographics, with an emphasis on those who would typically not get access to them. Interested in having a virtual presentation to your group or classroom? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Recent Outreach:

  • May 2021 - NASA's Universe of Learning Science Briefings, Presenter

  • December 2020 - Astronomy on Tap State College, Presenter

  • March 2020 - The Daily Ant: Social Insect Distancing, Interviewee

  • July 2019 - 15th Astrobiology Graduate Conference, Outreach Event Organizer

  • March 2019 - Beacon Hill Science Seminars, Presenter

  • April 2018 - Charlottesville Astronomical Society, Presenter

  • June 2017 - 13th Astrobiology Graduate Conference, Local Chair, Outreach Event Organizer

  • February 2016 - Novi Middle School: Drake Equation, Presenter

  • January 2015 - Novi Meadows Elementary School: Objects in the Sky, Presenter

  • August 2013 - June 2018 - Dark Skies, Bright Kids (UVa), Leading Volunteer

  • March 2014 - June 2018 - Ruckersville Elementary Science Expo, Lead Organizer

  • August 2013 - June 2018 - McCormick/Fan Mountain Observatory Public Nights (UVa), Presenter