Andrew Burkhardt

Assistant Professor - Worcester State University Department of Earth, Environment, and Physics

Observational and Theoretical Astrochemist, Enthusiastic Educator



Office: TBD

Email: (subject to change)

twitter: @astrochemandrew

Hunting for the Origin of Space's Largest Molecules

I am a Visiting Lecturer at Wellesley College Department of Physics. My field of research is in astrochemistry, or the study of how we chemically turn the elemental ashes of stars into planets and the potentially prebiotic molecules on them. In particular, I use a combination of astronomical observations and chemical simulations to better understand the formation of the most complex molecules in the interstellar medium. This ranges from the formation of aromatic molecules to the production of complex prebiotic molecules in interstellar ices. I am also deeply invested in teaching, advising, and EPO.